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Hermione Granger
19 September
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~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Hermione Granger ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Perfectionist and intellect from birth, Hermione is more than the bushy-haired, bright-eyed beautiful Head Girl everyone knows and loves (except Pansy). Truly self-conscious, Hermione struggles to appear 'perfect' so desperately she often ends up hurting herself or pretending to be something she's not. A frequent day-dreamer and romantic-at-heart, Hermione nevertheless strives to keep a level head on her shoulders under any circumstances. Though her one weakness may be Potions: as try as she might, it's one of her worst classes... Still, in her seven years at Hogwarts, Hermione has matured both physically and mentally. As courageous as any Gryffindor, as intelligent as any Ravenclaw, as ambitious as any Slytherin, and as hard-working as any Hufflepuff, Hermione is honestly the perfect choice for Head Girl, accurately examplifying the qualities most honored at Hogwarts.

"An' they haven't invented a spell our Hermione can' do."
~Rubeus Hagrid

In the off chance you've been misinformed, Hermione Granger does not -actually- exist. Neither does Hogwarts. In fact, nothing in this LJ is -real-. It's part of Patronus RPG and the characters and names belong to JK Rowling. No profit is being made. Icons are the lovely Keri Russell. Blahblahblah.

i'm in gryffindor!